Student life

Auckland Park is a university suburb, with many students from the University of Johannesburg, the University of the Witwatersrand and other tertiary training institutions.

The permanent residents would like to welcome you. We are working towards improving your experience of the suburb, especially with respect to security.


We are:

  • reporting broken streetlights
  • setting of WhatsApp street groups (e-mail us if you’re interested in joining a group in your street)
  • arranging a dedicated patrol vehicle with a private security company (see our “Crime and safety” page)
  • liaising with the University of Johannesburg


Some of you may have struggled to find decent and affordable accommodation at the start of the year.

Please note that the University of Johannesburg has accredited certain communes to ensure that they are suitable for students.

Click here for the the City of Johannesburg’s Commune Policy: it regulates how many people are allowed to live on a property, the number of bathrooms required and health and fire requirements.

See here for information on reporting illegal communes.


We are planning some affordable community activities. Please keep an eye on the events page!


Remember that most permanent residents have jobs, some have young children and others are just simply getting old! – so be careful not to party too often, too loud and too long. 


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