Know your neighbours

Getting to know your neighbours is the first step in “Knowing Your Neighbourhood.”

It improves security in your area.

It helps solve service delivery problems.

It builds a sense of community.

It’s even fun!


  1. introduce yourself to the other people living in your block and greet them when you pass them on the street
  2. welcome new residents, including students, many of whom are living far away from their families and feeling overwhelmed by the challenges posed by university
  3. create or join a WhatsApp group in your street, for sharing information on security and service delivery problems (e-mail us if you want to find out if there if a WhatsApp group already exists in your street)
  4. keep your pavement clean (including sweeping up leaves in the gutter) – and don’t litter when you’re walking
  5. report broken streetlights, leaking pipes, collapsed stormwater drains and potholes to the City Council (see our “Complaints” page for the relevant numbers)
  6. don’t party too loud, too long and too often
  7. start using the Kingston Frost Park

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