Current projects

The purpose of this page is to provide residents with information about projects that are currently under way in the suburb.

Keeping Auckland Park clean

Litter is an increasing problem in the suburb.

Clean-up days are planned regularly by APRA (see the Events Page for details of the next clean-up).

Heritage analysis of areas in Ward 69 as part of Corridors of Freedom

Read more about this exercise at Heritage consultants_Corridors of Freedom.

New cycle lanes and pedestrian walkways in Auckland Park

Here are maps of the new cycle lanes and pedestrian walkways that have been implemented by the Johannesburg Development Agency:

Map of full network

Details of Auckland Park routes









The Brixton Steps

Here is the proposal that was developed by the Brixton Community Forum and others to rehabilitate the steps that link Auckland Park with Brixton over the crest of Brixton Hill: Brixton Steps Proposal.

Feedback on this has not yet been received.


The Empire-Perth Development Corridor

Here is an update on the status of this corridor, including the new zoning heights for some areas in Auckland Park.