Crime and safety

The APRA Committee spent several months back in 2015 surveying and negotiating with private security companies for their best offers for establishing a community-wide partnership to enhance security in the suburb. After a long process including many proposals, interviews and a public vote, ADT was chosen as our Preferred Security Provider. This process is further described in Security Update 28th July 2015.

The Committee also created a 10-person Security Sub-Committee, headed by Neal Gooch. This Sub-Committee actively pursues collaboration with ADT, SAPS, JMPD and UJ Security, along with all neighbourhood residents and other private institutions employing security personnel in the suburb.

Currently, the suburb’s police Sector 1 Manager is Warrant Officer Smal (Sector 1 includes Melville and Richmond), and our own Auckland Park Sector Manager is Reservist Constable Moe Omarjee: both work together diligently with APRA and the Sub-Committee to address crime in the area. Monthly crime reports show a clear decline in crime across most dimensions. Sector-1 also now enjoys the added benefit of a dedicated SAPS Patrol Vehicle that is available 24/7 for Sector 1 matters. An additional development to celebrate is that, in the past 12 months, the local police precinct (Brixton Precinct) has moved from a rating of worst of the 8 precincts in the SAPS Cluster to the best, due to extensive engagement and collaboration between all security stakeholders in the Precinct.

The APRA Security Sub-Committee interacts closely with ADT’s link person for the suburb, Natasha Springfield, and has easy access to ADT’s area and regional managers. It receives regular reports from ADT on the activities of its dedicated vehicle, as well as incidents reported by ADT customers. In May 2017 it:

  • travelled an average of 131km per 12 hour shift
  • received 56 calls to the dedicated line
  • responded to 38 panic buttons and 229 activations of alarms

The Sub-Committee also participates in, or facilitates, community patrols and other initiatives, in collaboration with the police and ADT.

The creation of street-based WhatsApp groups by APRA is another important development over the past  year: these create a mechanism for residents to share information about security threats and other critical community development matters.

All these efforts rely on the dedication of the members of the Committee, support provided by the various organizations involved in security in the suburb, and efforts by residents who actively work with, or communicate with, the Committee. If you want more information or would like to be involved in any of the security-related strategies, please e-mail APRA.