Electing new office bearers to APRA Committee

Dear Resident

‘Old’, new and departing APRA committee members

We wish to bid farewell to Willem Coetzee who has served on the APRA committee since its inception in 2014. Willem has been responsible for a number of matters related to communes, town planning, rezoning and development in Auckland Park. He has compiled a communes audit and a building and development audit for the committee, and he has spent countless hours at the COJ plans department checking on the progress of various applications and objections. He will be very sorely missed.

The original APRA committee has lost a number of members over the last three years due to work and family commitments, and a huge thank you is due to Willem, Shoyeb Manjra, Mohammed Gangat and Tinus de Jager who contributed enormously (Shoyeb as deputy chair and the person responsible for the groundwork on the security initiatives in AP; Mohammed for his work on security and communes; TInus for work on communications and setting up the website and Facebook page).

In light of these resignations we have co-opted a number of new members to the committee since 2016. We have also wanted to ensure continuity as October 2017 will mark the end of the three-year terms of office of current office bearers.

We would like you to consider nominating new committee members or running for office yourself.

We elect various portfolios but the reality is that everyone gets involved and assists with various matters.

The original APRA committee, elected in October 2014:
Bronwyn Law-Viljoen (chair)
Shoyeb Manjra (deputy chair) – resigned
Helen Vosloo
Mohammed Gangat – resigned
Mehmood Haffejee
Lucy Draper-Clarke
Jane Doherty
Tinus de Jager – resigned
Willem Coetzee – resigned

In 2016 we co-opted Bobby Madhav and Neal Gooch. This year we have co-opted Greg Kruger, Rethabile Sibisi, Greg James and Phildo Steyn.

We have also had two sub-committees in place for the last two years: the town planning sub-committee chaired by Willem Coetzee and the security sub-committee chaired by Neal Gooch.

The current APRA committee:
Bronwyn Law-Viljoen (chair person)
Helen Vosloo
Mehmood Haffejee
Lucy Draper-Clarke
Jane Doherty
Bobby Modhav (co-opted 2016)
Neal Gooch (co-opted 2016)
Phildo Steyn (co-opted 2017)
Rethabile Sibisi (co-opted 2017)
Greg Kruger (co-opted 2017)
Greg James (co-opted 2017)

The next APRA public meeting will take place on Monday 2 October at 19.00. Venue to be confirmed. We will elect new office bearers to the APRA committee at this meeting. Please diarise this important date.

Nominations for new committee members can be emailed to aucklandparkresidents@gmail.com
Nominations should include the CV of the nominee and a brief motivation from the nominator.

APRA Committee


Ratepayers meeting February 2017


Dear Resident

We have received notice of a public meeting on the Rates Policy for the City of Johannesburg. You are urged to attend.

Date: 2 February 2017
Venue: Marks Park, Pavilion Hall, Judith Road, Emmarentia
Time: 18.00–20.00

The Draft Rates Policy is available at www/joburg.org.za.
Comments can be mailed to ratescomment@joburg.org.za OR pumzaj@joburg.org.za OR tandisizwes@joburg.org.za OR fax 086 447 7567.
Please also note that the first public meeting for 2017 of the Auckland Park Residents’ Association (APRA) will be:

Date: 21 February
Venue: The Well Church, 5 Sunbury Avenue
Time: 19.00
Many thanks,

APRA CommitteeRate

Building regulations

Dear Resident

We have received the following information from the City of Johannesburg regarding building in residential areas. It is very important to follow these regulations.

It is also important to ensure, when you are building, that rubble is contained. Rain often washes rubble, sand, stones etc. into our stormwater drains and this causes a lot of damage to the system.

You are urged to use skips for rubble removal. These cost about the same as the “removal” trucks, and you have the added benefit of knowing that the rubble has ended up at a landfill site and not in one of our parks or in our water system.

Building Inspector for our Ward is Jan Van Eden

Chief Building Inspector is Lebo Mdhlulli

Many thanks
APRA Committee

Building Approvals Notice

In terms of the National Building Regulations Act 103/1977 you are required to ensure that a written notice/request, on the prescribed form, is submitted to the Building Inspectorate for:

 Notice to commence building work.
 Inspection of all foundation trenches prior to placing of concrete
(buildings/alterations/additions/boundary/retaining wall/etc).
 Inspection of waste-water drainage systems (test, connection point and drains) prior to backfilling.
 Notice of completion of building work (prior to occupation).

Kindly note that the area Building Inspector is to be notified of any deviation from the approved plan prior to undertaking such work. This may necessitate the submission of a new set of plans together with the prescribed building plan submission fees.

In addition to the above, you may be required to submit one or more relevant documents in order to obtain the required Occupation Certificate (it is suggested that you discuss this aspect with the area Building Inspector).

Your attention is also drawn to the fact that, by law, a Certificate of Occupancy upon completion, must be obtained from this department prior to the building being used or occupied.

The APPROVED PLAN, or a certified copy of the approved plan shall be available on site and remain available until an Occupation Certificate is issued.


This approval does note absolve the owner from the responsibility of ensuring that the building is erected in accordance with the National Building Regulations and Standards Act (Act 103/1977) and any other applicable law. Please note that it is the responsibility of the owner to ensure that adequate measures are taken to control the run-off of storm-water during the construction phase. The Council cannot be held responsible for any damage caused to your property, or adjoining properties by such
storm-water. This approval does not absolve the property owner from complying with any other conditions imposed by the Deed of Title, Home Owners Associations, Reviewmittees, Body Corporate or any other governing bodies.

The Owner shall ensure that the buildings are erected within the surveyed boundaries and prescribed building lines of the site and all in accordance with the approved building plan application.

Where any building or part of a building, is required to be demolished, the Owner of such building is required to obtain the written permission from the Local Authority Building Inspectorate prior to undertaking such demolition work. Should you further require to utilise the road reserve or pavement for storage of building materials, you are required to apply for a hoarding permit from the Building Inspectorate at the prescribed fee.

Where any work connected with the demolition or erection of any building, in the opinion of the Executive Director: Development Planning and Urban Management Unit, or his/her authorized
representative, causes or has a detrimental effect on the strength, standard, safety, quality or position of any property belonging to or vested in the City of Johannesburg, the City of Johannesburg may
recover such monies in terms of F2 (3) of the National Building Regulations and Building Standards Act No. 103 of 1977 (as amended), to repair or re-instate such property.

NOTE: Any construction work undertaken by the owner which encroaches upon a Council servitude or into a general omnibus servitude in favour of the Local Authority is undertaken entirely at the Owner’s risk. Any consent by the Council thereto shall not be deemed to be a waiver of any of the Council’s rights in respect of such servitudes.

Service delivery press release from the City

We received the following press release regarding SERVICE DELIVERY late last year but did not send it out then for fear that it would get lost in the end-of-year madness.

So here it is now, with important information about service delivery.

Keep in mind that we have also sent out our own information in a LOOK AND LOG newsletter about reporting service delivery problems and escalation of these to our Ward Councillor. This still applies. We will resend that newsletter so that you have it to hand.

Best wishes,
APRA Committee
Services at your doorstep

Johannesburg property owners who are unhappy about the service they receive particularly at the walk-in-customer service centres city-wide, can talk directly with their area managers.

The City’s Spokesman Kgamanyane Maphologela says the City is serious about improving customer service, as this is part of the City’s ten point plan of running a responsive and pro-poor government.

“We want our customers to know that, they don’t necessarily have to drive all the way to the main customer service centre in Braamfontein when they have queries; but right at their area they can escalate their queries to the area managers,” says Maphologela.

Maphologela says the City is pushing to ensure that customer service improves significantly. Part of the broader plan to improve customer service is the City’s billing regionalisation project which will be launched on the 1st February 2017. The focus of this project will be on customer centricity, allowing customers to choose their own dates in which to settle their accounts between the 15th and 28th of every month, improving billing accuracy and ensuring that services move closer to where customers are.

Maphologela says as part of strengthening regional offices, the area managers would be available across all the City’s seven regions, from Soweto to Midrand, where they would deal with customers who have long outstanding queries and are not happy.

“Customers with queries that have a life-span of more than 30 days, can escalate their query by requesting to speak directly to the area manager responsible for their area,” says Maphologela.

Maphologela says customers should always follow the City’s escalation process in order to have their queries resolved quickly, which includes amongst others keeping the reference number after logging a query. The regional offices will have the photos, cellphone numbers and email addresses on display of the responsible area managers should customers need their details.

The escalation process from when the customer first logs a query:
· Log your municipal related query via the call centre (0860 562 874), regional Customer Service Centre across the City and get a Reference Number
· Queries should be resolved within 30 days. If you have not received any resolution or response, please follow the next step in escalation process
· Escalate your query to the regional manager if your query is still not resolved after 30 days
· If there is still no response after the query has been escalated to the regional manager, speak to the deputy director
· If a customer is still unhappy with the resolution they received from the City, they can contact the City’s Ombudsman office

List of regional managers is as follows:
· Region A (Midrand), Benson Moss Mosweu, mossm@joburg.org.za; 011 203 3331/ 073 117 2356
· Region B (Randburg, Northcliff, Rosebank), Thulisile Nongogo, thulisileno@joburg.org.za; 011 787 7483/084 324 5689
· Region C (Roodepoort), Shaun Govender, shaungo@joburg.org.za; 082 332 3808 / 011 761 0314
· Region D (Soweto), Thomas Tshilongo, thomastsh@joburg.org.za; 011 932 0824/084 763 1005
· Region E (Sandton), Bongiwe Jolipepa, bongiwej@joburg.org.za; 011 628 4174/082 493 7183
· Region F (Inner-City) Glendah Skosana, glendahs@joburg.org.za; 011 628 4174/082 493 7183
· Region G (Lenasia, Ennerdale), Phumzile Mokone, phumzilemok@joburg.org.za; 011 852 6292/082 301 0529

Regional Deputy Directors responsible for regions:
· Region Deputy Director for region A,B,C,E, F is Arthur Mbobo, arthurmb@joburg.org.za; 011 628-4084, 072 939 4786
· Regional Deputy Director for region D and G is Elias Setelele, eliass@joburg.org.za; 011 628-4482, 071 499 2490

Issued by:
Kgamanyane Maphologela
Director: Communications & Stakeholder Management
Group Finance

Cllr Bridget Steer
Ward 87 Johannesburg

Logging complaints with the City

We have been provided with the following information for LOOKING AND LOGGING OF ALL SERVICE DELIVERY COMPLAINTS. Please make use of this as the City relies on residents for this information. If issues are not logged on the City’s service delivery systems, the entities are likely unaware of the breakdowns and until you report such, the breakdowns may remain unresolved.

As active citizens who live, work and play in the City of Johannesburg you need to get involved and LOOK AND LOG. That way you hold the local government officials accountable for service delivery.

The Councillors in the City of Johannesburg serve as the interface between the citizens they represent and the municipal officials who design and implement development polices. The councillor’s job is not just to serve as the voice of the people, for the expression of their community needs, but also to act as a watchdog and ensure the municipality implements policies to address the needs of citizens. It is therefore important that should issues you log not be adequately addressed, such be brought to the attention of your local Ward or PR councillor.

We are planning to print and deliver a copy of this information to every mail box in Auckland Park over the next few weeks.



Each issue has an expected TURN-AROUND time. If you have LOGGED the issue and the issue is NOT SOLVED in the given turn-around time, then you can send a request TO ESCALATE via SMS, WHATSAPP or EMAIL to the

Ward Councillor Bridget Steer:

083 604 0404



  • Your name
  • Your contact details
  • A BRIEF description of the issue (no long histories)
  • The exact location of the issue



Option 1 logging

Email: customerservice@jwater.co.za

Call 0116881699

SMS 082 653 2143

Option 2 logging

Call 0860JOBURG – Option 3

Type of Issue and turn-around time

  • Burst Water pipe: 12 hours
  • No water: 1 day
  • Sewer leak/blockage: 24 hours
  • Meter leak: 7 days
  • Fire hydrant leak: 2 days
  • Bees in meter box: 3 days



Option 1 logging

Log using your mobile device: citypower.mobi

Option 2 logging

Call 0860JOBURG – Option 2

Type of Issue and turn-around time

  • No power to area/property: 30% within 1.5 hours; 60% within 3 hours; 90% within 7.5 hours; 98–100% within 46 hours
  • Illegal connection: 24 hours
  • Dangerous situation: Immediate
  • Street light not working: 2 days
  • Meter conversions: 72 hours
  • Faulty meter: 72 hours



Option 1 logging

Send an email to hotline@jra.o rg.za

or if urgent Call 0860JOBURG – Option 5

Option 2 logging

Call 0860JOBURG – Option 5

Type of Issue and turn-around time

  • Potholes: 3 days
  • Manhole cover missing: 24 hours
  • Blocked kerb inlet: 24 hours
  • Road trenches: 2 days
  • Road collapse/dangerous situation: immediate
  • Road marking/signage: 7 days
  • Traffic signal faulty: 12 hours



Option 1 logging

Call 0860JOBURG – Option 0 and then if possible send email to jcp@jhbcityparks.comwith details of reques

Option 2 logging

Call 0860JOBURG – Option 0

Type of Issue and turn-around time

  • Grass cutting in open spaces: up to 30 days
  • Grass cutting of parks: dependent of status of park
  • Grass cutting in cemeteries: 7 days
  • Fallen trees/branches: 24 hours
  • Pruning of tree: 30 days


 5.  JMPD

Option 1 logging

Call EMS/JMPD call centre on 011 375 5918 / 5911

Type of Issue (turn-around time dependent on incident and resources available)

  • Traffic violations
  • Noise
  • Dumping
  • Motor vehicle accident
  • Vagrants


   6.  PIKITUP

Option 1 logging

Call 0860JOBURG – Option 4

Type of Issue and turn-around time

  • New/additional bin: 7 days
  • Animal carcass removal: 2 days
  • Cleaning of an illegal dumping site: 2 days



All revenue matters are best solved by visiting nearest walk-in centre or call 0860JOBURG – Option 1.

For statements: www.joburg.org.za Click on E-Services or Visit nearest Walk in Centre or call 0860JOBURG – Option 1

Type of Issue and turn-around time

  • Change of ownership: up to 6 weeks
  • Finalisation of rates: within 5 days
  • New meter installation for water/electricity: 25 days after payment
  • Final readings on move out: Owner to provide City 7 days’ notice
  • Closing of account/account adjustment: up to 30 days (new owner to pay deposit)
  • Issuing clearance certificate: within 3 days of application
  • Refund: Within 30 days, provided service ticket is compliant and services finalised by back office
  • Opening new account: 1 day



Call 0860JOBURG – Option 6Lo

Drains and covers missing, rubble in the street

Storm water drains

Broken slabs on the corner of Cookham (West), closest corner Ditton

Broken drain on Cookham (East), closest corner Kingston

Drain needs to be cleaned on Cookham (West), halfway between Finsbury and Kingston

Broken pipe on Surbiton (north) between Cookham and Taplow

Broken drain on Greendlands at the church between Kingsway and Richmond

Slabs missing near 43 – 45 Auckland Ave

Loose slab opposite 25 Wargrave

Collapsed drain on the corner of Twickenham and Cookham on the north-east and the north-west corners

Collapsed drain Cookham between Twickenham and Richmond

Storm water is blocked cnr Greenland and Twickenham

Broken slabs at 29 Cookham

Slabs missing or broken along Clieveden Avenue from Clieveden / Thanet to Clieveden / Hurley.

Pavement slipway badly damaged at 43 – 51 Auckland Ave

Collapsed drain on the corner of Molesey Avenue and Cookham


Corner of the Yard and Molesey

UJ entrance in Ditton road

Ditton Ave, closest corner Greenlands

Greendlands, between Tiwckenham and Ditton

Kingsway barrier has very big weeds and small trees growing in the paving

Corner of Twickenham and Cookham

Wall has collapsed onto the pavement at the corner of Hampton and Bushey

Building rubble on the corner of Kingsway and Lothbury

Manhole covers missing

South east cnr of Cookham and Ditton @ 34 Ditton

Cnr War grave and Henley (south west side)

Cnr Molesey and Cookham

Molesey entrance to the Yard

Broken and manhole covering on top missing in Kingston (south) opposite no. 29

Goring street

Where Molesey becomes Chiselhurst

43 and 76 Hampton rd

7 and 13 Surbiton

Corners of Auckland Ave and Shiplake rd

Auckland and Moorgate rd

Corner of Shiplake and Goring

49 Twickenham Ave at Auckland Park Prep

48 Twickenham Ave

Southern side of Putney, close to the corner with Links, outside No. 10

Auckland avenue, closest corner -Main road

Auckland Ave – near Main

Corner Cookham & Surbiton pavement

Comment if you know of any more problems and we’ll update the list.

New cycle lanes and pedestrian walkways in Auckland Park

If you would like to see the routes for the new cycle lanes and pedestrian walkways in Auckland Park, please check this site’s Current Projects page.