About Auckland Park

Auckland Park is an old residential area of Johannesburg, dating from the early 1900s.

Auckland Park is in Ward 87, which includes parts of Greenside, Melville, Westcliff, Forest Town, Parktown and Auckland Park.

Our Ward Councillor is Bridget Steer who may be contacted on:

079 249 9311

Auckland Park is characterised by many educational and religious institutions. The largest educational institution is the University of Johannesburg.

Auckland Park is also a media centre as it is home to the South African Broadcasting Corporation as well as Media Park which houses a number of newspapers and other services.

Other large institutions in the suburb include The Country Club Johannesburg (which is a heritage site) and Campus Square, the suburb’s only shopping and restaurant centre.

 Here is a map of Auckland Park.

The preliminary results of a survey conducted by the Auckland Park Residents’ Association on residents’ vision for the suburb are available here.