About APRA

The Auckland Park Residents’ Association (APRA) is a non-political group that was elected in late 2014 to:

  • watch over, protect and promote the interests of residents in the greater Auckland Park area
  • promote the quality of life for all residing within the greater Auckland Park area
  • determine by free discussion and deliberation, the views of the residents within the suburb
  • co-operate, consult and collaborate with its representative member/s of the City Council to ensure the voice of public opinion is being heard and given due consideration in the management of the city
  • support the principle of direct representation of the electorate upon the City Council, and oppose any movement which tends to impede the freedom of action of its elected representatives upon the City Council

Membership is open to any person of 18 years and above who is a resident of Auckland Park.

The APRA committee members are:

The current APRA committee:
Bronwyn Law-Viljoen (chair person)
Helen Vosloo
Mehmood Haffejee
Lucy Draper-Clarke
Jane Doherty
Bobby Modhav (co-opted 2016)
Neal Gooch (co-opted 2016)
Phildo Steyn (co-opted 2017)
Rethabile Sibisi (co-opted 2017)
Greg Kruger (co-opted 2017)
Greg James (co-opted 2017)