Electing new office bearers to APRA Committee

Dear Resident

‘Old’, new and departing APRA committee members

We wish to bid farewell to Willem Coetzee who has served on the APRA committee since its inception in 2014. Willem has been responsible for a number of matters related to communes, town planning, rezoning and development in Auckland Park. He has compiled a communes audit and a building and development audit for the committee, and he has spent countless hours at the COJ plans department checking on the progress of various applications and objections. He will be very sorely missed.

The original APRA committee has lost a number of members over the last three years due to work and family commitments, and a huge thank you is due to Willem, Shoyeb Manjra, Mohammed Gangat and Tinus de Jager who contributed enormously (Shoyeb as deputy chair and the person responsible for the groundwork on the security initiatives in AP; Mohammed for his work on security and communes; TInus for work on communications and setting up the website and Facebook page).

In light of these resignations we have co-opted a number of new members to the committee since 2016. We have also wanted to ensure continuity as October 2017 will mark the end of the three-year terms of office of current office bearers.

We would like you to consider nominating new committee members or running for office yourself.

We elect various portfolios but the reality is that everyone gets involved and assists with various matters.

The original APRA committee, elected in October 2014:
Bronwyn Law-Viljoen (chair)
Shoyeb Manjra (deputy chair) – resigned
Helen Vosloo
Mohammed Gangat – resigned
Mehmood Haffejee
Lucy Draper-Clarke
Jane Doherty
Tinus de Jager – resigned
Willem Coetzee – resigned

In 2016 we co-opted Bobby Madhav and Neal Gooch. This year we have co-opted Greg Kruger, Rethabile Sibisi, Greg James and Phildo Steyn.

We have also had two sub-committees in place for the last two years: the town planning sub-committee chaired by Willem Coetzee and the security sub-committee chaired by Neal Gooch.

The current APRA committee:
Bronwyn Law-Viljoen (chair person)
Helen Vosloo
Mehmood Haffejee
Lucy Draper-Clarke
Jane Doherty
Bobby Modhav (co-opted 2016)
Neal Gooch (co-opted 2016)
Phildo Steyn (co-opted 2017)
Rethabile Sibisi (co-opted 2017)
Greg Kruger (co-opted 2017)
Greg James (co-opted 2017)

The next APRA public meeting will take place on Monday 2 October at 19.00. Venue to be confirmed. We will elect new office bearers to the APRA committee at this meeting. Please diarise this important date.

Nominations for new committee members can be emailed to aucklandparkresidents@gmail.com
Nominations should include the CV of the nominee and a brief motivation from the nominator.

APRA Committee


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