ABSA parkade at the Call Centre

Following news of a parkade for the ABSA Call Centre on the corner of Kingsway and Lothbury, a meeting was held on 15 May 2017 with representatives from ABSA and concerned residents of Auckland Park (chiefly from Streatley Avenue, which will be the most directly affected street).

The following is a brief report from the meeting:

On Monday 15 May, ABSA held a public meeting at their Call Centre premises in Auckland Park to present their plans for a parkade, which is being constructed between the Call Centre and Streatley Avenue to the north.

The three-storey high parkade, with capacity for one thousand cars, will have three entrance/exit points. Despite residents’ concerns that it will increase the already horrendous traffic congestion on Lothbury at rush hour, ABSA representatives assured them that the new parkade would ease the problems. As part of this aim, a designated “Drop Off, Pick Up” area will be constructed in front of the Call Centre.

Residents also raised concerns about the rezoning, which appears to have many irregularities including incorrect or non-existent erf numbers on rezoning documents and the lack of public notification. This is still being investigated.

Other concerns raised included: noise pollution, light pollution, privacy of neighbouring properties and landscaping as well as security, noise, dust and construction vehicles during the year-long planned construction. These were addressed by ABSA, who reassured residents that they will do everything possible to limit the impact of the construction. They also presented detailed landscaping plans which include transplanting all the existing indigenous trees on the property to the pavements on Streatley and inside the property to screen the Parkade.

We will publish further newsletters about this matter as it unfolds. The Streatley Avenue contact person is Jane Griffiths: jane@janesdeliciousgarden.com


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