Drains and covers missing, rubble in the street

Storm water drains

Broken slabs on the corner of Cookham (West), closest corner Ditton

Broken drain on Cookham (East), closest corner Kingston

Drain needs to be cleaned on Cookham (West), halfway between Finsbury and Kingston

Broken pipe on Surbiton (north) between Cookham and Taplow

Broken drain on Greendlands at the church between Kingsway and Richmond

Slabs missing near 43 – 45 Auckland Ave

Loose slab opposite 25 Wargrave

Collapsed drain on the corner of Twickenham and Cookham on the north-east and the north-west corners

Collapsed drain Cookham between Twickenham and Richmond

Storm water is blocked cnr Greenland and Twickenham

Broken slabs at 29 Cookham

Slabs missing or broken along Clieveden Avenue from Clieveden / Thanet to Clieveden / Hurley.

Pavement slipway badly damaged at 43 – 51 Auckland Ave

Collapsed drain on the corner of Molesey Avenue and Cookham


Corner of the Yard and Molesey

UJ entrance in Ditton road

Ditton Ave, closest corner Greenlands

Greendlands, between Tiwckenham and Ditton

Kingsway barrier has very big weeds and small trees growing in the paving

Corner of Twickenham and Cookham

Wall has collapsed onto the pavement at the corner of Hampton and Bushey

Building rubble on the corner of Kingsway and Lothbury

Manhole covers missing

South east cnr of Cookham and Ditton @ 34 Ditton

Cnr War grave and Henley (south west side)

Cnr Molesey and Cookham

Molesey entrance to the Yard

Broken and manhole covering on top missing in Kingston (south) opposite no. 29

Goring street

Where Molesey becomes Chiselhurst

43 and 76 Hampton rd

7 and 13 Surbiton

Corners of Auckland Ave and Shiplake rd

Auckland and Moorgate rd

Corner of Shiplake and Goring

49 Twickenham Ave at Auckland Park Prep

48 Twickenham Ave

Southern side of Putney, close to the corner with Links, outside No. 10

Auckland avenue, closest corner -Main road

Auckland Ave – near Main

Corner Cookham & Surbiton pavement

Comment if you know of any more problems and we’ll update the list.


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