Consider changing to ADT

Dear Resident

At a recent public meeting of the Auckland Park Residents Association, the meeting voted to appoint ADT as the security patrol provider for the neighbourhood. This will mean a dedicated security vehicle for Auckland Park with various security benefits.

We urge you to consider signing up to ADT if you do not yet have a contract with them. The sooner we reach a target of 135 new households, the sooner we will have a security vehicle on 24 hour patrol.

Here are some possible questions you might have:

What if I am already with another security company?

Though we would like as many people as possible to sign up with ADT so that we can reach our target of 135 households as soon as possible, you can choose to stay with your current security company. If you do decide to change to ADT, they will give you two months free while the transition happens.

  1. What if ADT does not reach their target of 135 households?

The ADT consultant who signs you up will give you the option of remaining with your current security company until the 135 households are signed up. If you are not with a security company, you may choose to have the contract validated only once the security vehicle is ready to be launched.

  1. How many vehicles will be patrolling and what kind of vehicle is it? 

One vehicle (a heavy duty SUV-type vehicle branded BLUE) with one driver and a back up person in the control room. This is in addition to the usual armed response vehicles that respond to household alarms.

  1. Is one vehicle enough? 

Each new vehicle requires more households to sign up or a higher monthly fee from current signed up households. So we will start with one vehicle and if in time we increase the number of households we may be able to introduce another vehicle.

  1. What will happen to the street guards currently on some of the streets? 

These guards will not be affected, though ADT has indicated the need to make sure that the guards are properly trained and registered as many are not, which poses potential risks both to the security guards and to the residents who pay them.

  1. How can we be sure that ADT will be effective?

At our public meeting we formed a sub-committee, which will liaise with ADT to ensure that they understand the needs of the community and stick to the agreements we reach with them. They have also assured us of contact with the local security structures such as the SAPS and the Community Policing Forum. We will also ask them to be present on the WhatsApp groups that are being formed in the neighbourhood. They will also work closely with APRA and have assigned a dedicated person to us.

  1. What is the cost to me?

R500 per month (incl VAT), which includes the standard armed response for your home, meet and greet, the new FindU app for ADT and various other services to be detailed in your contract.

  1. What if I am currently with ADT and paying more than R500?

ADT will bring all monthly fees into line with the new fee structure. There will be a flat rate for everyone of R500 (you will only pay more if you install devices and measures beyond the standard package).

  1. Who will communicate with ADT?

Each household will have their own contract with ADT and communicate with them as they normally would. APRA cannot interfere in individual contractual relationships. But APRA will communicate with ADT about issues relating to the street patrols, security upgrades and general problems that affect the whole neighbourhood. APRA will also ensure that ADT is delivering the service that they guaranteed at the start of the agreement and will meet with them from time to time as the need arises.

  1. How will we get 135 households signed up?

ADT will shortly begin a comprehensive marketing strategy which will include door to door visits, pamphlets and a street presence. They may come to your house, and if so will have a letter on the APRA letterhead explaining our agreement with them.

  1. When can we expect to see a patrol vehicle on the streets?

ADT will assign a vehicle to the area once their target of 135 households has been reached. This is over and above the households that are already signed up to ADT.

  1. What if the target is not reached and I have signed up with them?

ADT has expressed confidence that they will be able to sign up the required 135 households (with the support and backing of the APRA). However, contracts with ADT will be renewable monthly and customers will be free to remain with them or switch to another company.

  1. How can I help?

A sub-committee has been formed to discuss any outstanding issues. If you wish to be part of that committee, please send an email to

This is one of several initiatives to improve security and the quality of life in Auckland Park. We urge you to support the initiative so that we can reach our target quickly.

If you have further questions please send an email to

Many thanks,

APRA Committee


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