Faster internet for our neighbourhood

Remember to complete the quick survey below by the end of today to help motivate for fibre-based internet to come to our neighbourhood. See the details below provided through the I Love Melville Facebook page.

Residents and Small Business Owners of Melville, Westdene, Auckland Park, Richmond and Brixton:



To demonstrate that there is a high demand for a high speed fibre-based internet service in our area YOU need to complete the 3 minute survey in the link below on or before FRIDAY 4 SEPT:

The survey intends to gauge level of interest and is not in any way a binding commitment.

You need to complete this survey even if you have previously completed a survey in regard to broadband.

YOU want a high speed fibre-based internet service because:
1. The overall cost for a similar service will be cheaper – one does not require a Telkom telephone line (approx. R160 per month)

2. Centralised CCTV cameras could be installed on the back of the fibre – dramatically improving neighbourhood security

3. Property prices will improve as the area becomes more sought-after.

4. It has the potential to increase businesses in the area.

This information is crucial to ensure that a fibre to home network is rolled out in our area as soon as possible.

Any queries please email


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