Out and about (4): religious institutions in Auckland Park and Brixton

Auckland Park has fourteen (or probably more) places of worship representing its multi-faith community. Many are open to visitors.

  • Anglican Church, 8 Walton Ave, Auckland Park
  • Melville Junction Church, 5 Sunbury Avenue, Auckland Park
  • Theosophical Society, 31 Streatley Ave (cnr Lothbury Avenue), Auckland Park (which also once housed Jo’burg’s first Buddhist Centre)
  • AGS Church and Seminary, Cnr of Richmond Ave and Cookham Rd, Auckland Park
  • Auckland Park Masjid, 46 Richmond Avenue, Auckland Park
  • Melville Union Church, 45 Ditton Ave, Auckland Park
  • Jesuit Institute, 15 Molesey Ave, Auckland Park
  • Brixton Church, 43 Putney Ave, Auckland Park
  • Brixton, Johannesburg Church of Christ, 88 Barnes Road, Brixton
  • St Nicholas Orthodox Church, 156 Fulham Road, Brixton
  • St Augustine’s, 108 Fulham Road, Auckland Park
  • Islamic Centre, 114 Caroline Street, Brixton
  • 14 Methodist Church, 114 Caroline Street, Brixton
  • Masjid Islam, Cnr of St Albans Ave & Indra Street, Brixton
  • Brixton Hindu Crematorium, Krause Street, Brixton

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