Did you know? (1): What happened to the Irish Volunteer Monument?

People who lived in Brixton twenty years ago may remember climbing onto the circular ramparts of the Irish Volunteer Monument just before midnight on New Year’s Eve. From this vantage point one could enjoy the 180 degree spectacle of fireworks shooting up into the sky across the city.

One can still climb onto the ramparts to enjoy the panorama but the monument, which used to be enclosed by the ramparts, is gone. Its departure in 2002 was unannounced and many people now living in Brixton and Auckland Park probably know nothing about the unlikely alliance that it celebrated.

The monument was erected in 1975 to commemorate the support provided to the Boers by around 300 Irish volunteers during the Second South African (or Anglo-Boer) War of 1899-1902. These volunteers provided this support because they, too, were resisting British colonial power.

If you want to know more about the history of the monument, why it was dismantled, and where it’s gone, you can read more here and here. The photo below and other information on the architect are available from the website Artefacts.

Irish Volunteer Monument