Reporting illegal communes

This is the second of a series of newsletters we will be sending out over the next few months. The purpose of these newsletters is to assist you with the reporting of problems such as noise, illegal communes, cable theft etc.

While we as the Auckland Park Residents Association (APRA) committee are not in a position to solve these problems, we hope to provide residents with information so that you can take up matters yourselves where appropriate. In the case of serious or protracted incidents, the APRA will undertake to assist residents with some of the reporting processes.

With regard to illegal communes, you should be aware that there are strong efforts afoot to report and audit all communes in Ward 69. We are working with the COJ and with other RAs in Ward 69 to establish a registry of all communes in the Ward.

If you are having trouble with a commune close to you and you suspect that it is illegal, we urge you to contact Rowena Chetty at the COJ who is specifically handling these problems: Rowena Chetty at 011 407 6042 or If the offer persists please contact APRA.

We are aware that there are many proactive residents in Auckland Park. Since the APRA committee is entirely voluntary, we are always happy to have assistance from residents not on the committee who have experience of some matters in the area or who have particular skills that would be useful to the committee in solving problems relevant to the community. Please contact us at if you are able to offer assistance in any way.

APRA Committee


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  1. Lovely to know Tnx! ! Kingston 44 had been an issue for over 4 years now. Approximately 20 residents. Overflowing refuse, fires inside which resulted in an outbuilding catching fire and phildo Steyn in nr 42 hear to evacuate. a trailer ran backwards over the road and slammed into Yda Walťs gate and wall. Every Sunday I call the cops to stop the music in the driveway while cars are being washed. And and and….its slumsville de luxe. Anyone else?

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