How to deal with noisy neighbours

We have had several requests for information on how to report noisy neighbours. Here are some ways to deal with this issue:

1. Every  legal commune should have a caretaker number clearly displayed, which should be your first call. If not the property can be reported to the City Council.
2. For immediate problems call 10111 Flying squad. If you use this option, ALWAYS ASK FOR A REFERENCE NUMBER.
3. You can also call Brixton Police on one of the following, non-emergency numbers:  011 248 5500 or 011 248 5520 or 011 248 5521.
4. You can also call the Metro Police on 011 490 1630. They are responsible for policing bylaws, but the phone number is generally daytime only.
5. If you keep a record of constant offenders, please email this information to the APRA ( and the Ward Councillor Katja Naumann (
6. If you suspect that the noise is emanating from a commune that may not be legal, you can contact Rowena Chetty:

We would urge you to be reasonable about reporting noise to the police. If residents constantly report for minor issues the police will not take the matter seriously.

APRA Committee